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My current reading, writing and the ebb/flow of the academic year

Over the last three or four weeks I’ve not really posted very much on here about my research. This is largely because of the ebb and flow of the academic year. The end of the second term is always a … Continue reading

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Writing Space

There is a really interesting post here by Stuart Elden on his writing space, which links into another post on the topic and a related Twitter hashtag (#whereiwrite). My writing space has varied a bit over the last couple of … Continue reading

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Is it worth writing textbooks?

A few times recently I’ve heard some discussion of textbook writing. The underlying question always seems to be whether or not it is worth writing a textbook. You can understand the hesitation. The barriers are fairly obvious. Textbooks are clearly … Continue reading

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Michael Billig on what is wrong with social science writing

Michael Billig has a short opinion piece in Times Higher Education on writing in the social science. He raises a number of problems and concerns. He has also recently published a book on this topic. Here is a short excerpt … Continue reading

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Bernard Stiegler?

Bernard Stiegler is not a writer that I know very much about. I’ve noticed though that he seems to be gaining increasing attention. Indeed, he is already moving in to the status of the academic superstar. He is certainly fashionable. … Continue reading

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Deborah Lupton with 30 tips for successful research and writing

The LSE blog has 30 tips for successful academic research and writing from Deborah Lupton. There are some really helpful points here. The planning ahead one is a big of a tricky point. I often find that I have a … Continue reading

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Advice on writing (a thesis)

The department if sociology at the university of york have posted some advice for writing a thesis on their blog. It’s aimed at PhD students, but many of the comments represent more general advice about writing. There are a few … Continue reading

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