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Two short pieces on neoliberalism…a glossary entry and a bibliographical review essay

In advance of the publication of his book The Limits of Neoliberalism, Will Davies has written two short pieces for the TCS site. The first is a short glossary entry and the second is a bibliographical review essay. These provide … Continue reading

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Will Davies responds to Nick Gane’s piece on the ‘Emergence of Neoliberalism’

The neoliberalism debate is continuing on the Theory, Culture & Society open site (with more to follow soon). In this piece Will Davies responds to Nick Gane’s recent TCS article ‘The Emergence of Neoliberalism’. It’s an excellent piece that further … Continue reading


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Neoliberalism and the ethos of competition

The new Theory, Culture & Society open site, which I’ve posted a little bit about before, has a discussion between Nick Gane and Will Davies on the topic of ‘Neoliberalism and the ethos of competition’. It’s a really detailed discussion between two … Continue reading

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