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Mad Men (and sociology)

I recently finished watching a DVD of Mad Men season 5. This year I’ve watched all of the seasons. Which is a good example of Scott Lash’s observation that DVD box sets are part of what he calls ‘intensive culture’. … Continue reading

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The end of Top of the Pops revisited

I’ve just realised that it is 6 years since I wrote this piece about the end of the music tv show Top of the Pops. The piece used the end of this long running mainstream music show as being indicative … Continue reading

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Urban knowledge through popular culture

I meant to post this a while ago. Here is a special issue of the Lo Squaderno journal (open access) on urban knowledge. The above is the cover that includes one of the photos used throughout the issue. My article … Continue reading

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A special issue on Treme

A special issue on the great New Orleans based TV drama Treme.

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