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Sheffield sound maps

News of an art exhibition using recorded sounds captured in Sheffield. This piece links into other literature on the connections between urban processes and soundscapes. With the soundscape being a product of the different parts of the city. My colleague … Continue reading


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The sound of the city

There are some interesting pieces on the CUCR (Centre for Urban and Community Research) blog. The centre is based at Goldsmiths. The most recent post is a set of reflections by Alex Rhys Taylor on his recent work in urban … Continue reading

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Ears have walls by Rowland Atkinson

Just over a year ago Rowland Atkinson published the article Ears Have Walls in the open access journal Aether. The piece engages with issues around urban sound and noise. Rowland has included some great images. It sits alongside his other … Continue reading

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Making sense of recording engineering

I’m just trying to make sense of the mass of data that has been produced by the recording engineering project I’ve been working on with Jez Well’s. Jez has conducted focus groups and interviews with about 150 recording engineers at … Continue reading

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Bodies in musical bubbles: space, music and everyday life

My piece ‘Bodies in Musical Bubbles’ has just been published in Berfois. Here’s a link. Here’s the opening paragraph: In the 1980s one of the defining images of cool, for In the 1980s one of the defining images of cool, … Continue reading

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Mobile music, coded objects and everyday spaces

I’ve just noticed that the journal Mobilities have made one of my articles open access: ‘Mobile music, coded objects and everyday spaces‘. It was a piece in which I tried to situate mobile music in urban data infrastructures. It applies … Continue reading

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The iPod bubble?

I’m putting some stuff together for a chapter that I’m writing for my book on bodily territories and mobile music. Here is an article I found about iPods and social bubbles. I’m trying to think about how these territories are … Continue reading

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