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An interview about digital data and the future of social research

The second interview I did with Mark Carrigan focused on questions around digital data and the future of social research. We focused on the importance of digital data, why I matters, how we can cope with it and what it … Continue reading

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Rethinking the sociological craft, another interview with Les Back

Following up on my previous post, I just cam across another interview with Les Back on Mark Carrigan’s site. This time marks is talking to Les about the future of sociology. Les raises a number of really interesting and provocative … Continue reading

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Three more open access pieces added: social networking sites, Web 2.0 and the end of Top of the Pops

I’ve just added links to open access versions of three of my articles to the open access materials section of this blog. These are all quite old but they all made early interventions into developments that became known as social … Continue reading

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Graham Scambler on getting published in sociology

I just came across this really interesting post by Graham Scambler about getting published in sociology. Graham offers various tips about getting published but he sets this within the broader changing university context. Graham uses some biographical details to flesh … Continue reading

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Towards a sociological understanding of social media by Dhiraj Murthy

I recently posted about Dhiraj Murthy’s new book on Twitter. He’s also got an article in the current issue of Sociology titled ‘Towards a sociological understanding of social media: theorizing Twitter‘. Here is the abstract: This article presents the first … Continue reading

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Goldsmiths podcast archive

I just came across a great resource at Goldsmiths. It’s an archive of podcasts from various events. There is some really interesting stuff here already and it looks like they are building up. Given the range if interesting events they … Continue reading

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Academics on Twitter and reflecting back on Web 2.0

Sogiologicalimagination.org have some advice for academics using Twitter. Maybe some of these points apply more generally to Twitter use. I have to admit that I’ve never started up a Twitter account. I’ve observed what’s been going on on there for … Continue reading

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The sociology of hip hop

There’s a new post on the sociology of hip hop music on the Sociology at York blog. It contains a short film and a link to my article, which is currently available as an online first piece and will be … Continue reading

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Sociology at York blog and Twitter feed

The Department of Sociology at the University of York, which is where I work, now has its own blog. It also has its own Twitter feed. My colleague Michaela Benson has set it up. We are going to use it … Continue reading

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CURB (Centre for Urban Research) 1st annual report

CURB, which is a centre for urban research at York, has just celebrated its first anniversary. The centre is directed by my colleagues Rowland Atkinson and Simon Parker. They have just published the first annual report. Here is a link … Continue reading

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