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The open access debate continues…

I’ve posted a few things about the open access debate in the past. The debate seems to be picking up momentum. The blog The Disorder of Things has an interesting and detailed response to the attempt to structurally impose open … Continue reading

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An open access debate about open access

I’ve mentioned here before the debate about open access publishing that has been going in the the pages of the journal Political Geography. I’m fortunate to have a piece in the debate, which is proving to be lively. I’ve just … Continue reading

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Thinking about choosing book titles

I’ve posted a couple of things on here about the book I’ve been working on for the last few months (I actually set this blog up to gather things together for the book and also to play about with some … Continue reading

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Penguin and Random house merger

There are two pieces in the Guardian about the merger of Penguin and Random house publishers. Both link the move to the attempted reduction in costs in the face of competition from Amazon. The first piece focuses upon this issue … Continue reading

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Publishing and the problems of sharing: open access and music cultures

Stuart Elden has just posted a couple of short pieces that both reflect on the problems of free downloading in publishing. The first uses music downloading as a starting point, and the second responds to some criticisms of a specific … Continue reading

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Revise and resubmit

There is response at Progressive Geographies to an earlier post at the APPS site about the ‘revise & resubmit’ category used in making decisions about whether to publish articles. It’s interesting to see the different perspectives on what this decision … Continue reading


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Digital scholarship and publishing

There is an audio with Martin Weller, the author of the above book, here. It covers the open access debate and the new forms of publishing that are now available for communicating research and ideas. Things like blogs, youtube and … Continue reading

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