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Stuart Elden talking about Peter Sloterdijk

Stuart Elden has posted an audio of his talk on Peter Sloterdijk at the recent AAG conference. Stuart talks here about how Sloterdijk’s work might be used, what it’s limitations are and the need to sustain an engagement with his … Continue reading

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Switching to research and marking

Due to the pressures on my time – from teaching and from my admin job as admissions tutor – I’ve been a little bit limited in the type of content I’ve been able to put in this blog over the … Continue reading

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Nigel Thrift and Peter Sloterdijk

A post over at Progressive Geographies about an event involving Nigel Thrift in Conversation with Peter Sloterdijk. Should be lively. I suspect a big chunk of the discussion will be about the spheres trilogy, here’s my review of spheres part … Continue reading

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Sloterdijk’s Moment: my review of Peter Sloterdijk’s Bubbles

My review of Peter Sloterdijk’s recently translated book Bubbles has just been published in Berfrois. The book is the first to be translated from his spheres trilogy. Here’s a link to the article, which I’ve called ‘Sloterdijk’s Moment‘.

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Bodies, space, devices and culture

I’m currently writing a chapter for my book on popular culture about bodies and interfaces. As part of my research I returned to William J Mitchell’s Me++. I was surprised how fresh it still feels. It was originally published in … Continue reading

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Reviews of Peter Sloterdijk’s Bubbles

I’ve just finished reading Peter Sloterdijk’s Bubbles. This is the English translation of the first of his massive spheres trilogy. Below are some reviews of the book: My review in Berfrois. Brian Dillon in The Guardian Constantine Sandis in Times … Continue reading


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