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John Harris on the comeback of vinyl records

John Harris has a piece in The Guardian on the apparent comeback of vinyl records. He links this into the sales of iPads, downloads etc. the underlying story is one of materiality in culture. There seem to be questions posed … Continue reading

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Code/Space by Rob Kitchin & Martin Dodge

I’ve been reading Rob Kitchin and Martin Dodge’s excellent book Code/Space: Software and Everyday life. The book is all about software and digital infrastructures. The book is a culmination of co- authored work by Kitchin & Dodge. They have written … Continue reading

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Dawn Lyon & Les Back on fishmongers

A brilliant article by Dawn Lyon and Les Back on fishmongers in the current issue of Sociological Research Online. They put some great description alongside photos and sounds. This is a great exploration of what the sociological imagination can reveal, … Continue reading

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A Blog on everyday cultural objects

Owen Hatherley’s work is now pretty well known. He recently wrote a book on Pulp called Uncommon. He’s got a few blogs, the most well known is probably his one on different urban ruins. But I just came across another … Continue reading

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