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Jenny Diski on Noise

Jenny Diski offers some brief thoughts on her experiences and affective responses to noise.

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Sheffield sound maps

News of an art exhibition using recorded sounds captured in Sheffield. This piece links into other literature on the connections between urban processes and soundscapes. With the soundscape being a product of the different parts of the city. My colleague … Continue reading

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Greg Hainge talks about his new book Noise Matters: Towards an Ontology of Noise

Greg Hainge talks to Dave O’Brien about his new book Noise Matters: Towards an Ontology of Noise. The interview covers Greg’s background along with the relations between music and noise, critical theory, the problem of defining noise, political accounts of … Continue reading

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Ears have walls by Rowland Atkinson

Just over a year ago Rowland Atkinson published the article Ears Have Walls in the open access journal Aether. The piece engages with issues around urban sound and noise. Rowland has included some great images. It sits alongside his other … Continue reading

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Atomic guitars

There is a post and video of an art instillation over at the LRB blog that uses atoms to play two guitars. The piece is Fuyuki Yamakawa’s Atomic Guitars. Looks interesting. There’s a nice analysis of the piece in the … Continue reading

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