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How to start a DIY music scene in your own town

Later today I’ll be giving a lecture on music scenes (as part of my 2nd year module, details about which can be found here). The lecture looks back historically at the formation of scenes using Nick Crossley’s social network analysis … Continue reading

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Suede, the NME and music news

The NME have an interview with Suede, who are talking about the NME. The interview ends up being about the changing format of music news. The discussion revolves around the availability of music news. The weekly newspaper was seen as … Continue reading

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60 years of the New Musical Express

Apparently it’s 60 years since the launch of the New Musical Express, or the NME as it is more commonly known. They’ve done well to last this long with the changes to music culture and publishing. I’m not sure how … Continue reading

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John Lydon on iPods and vinyl records

A video and some excerpts here of an interview with John Lydon. He’s talking about people using iPods to escape into ‘their own little universe’. I’m just trying to write a chapter on this for my book. He claims that … Continue reading

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