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Mad Men (and sociology)

I recently finished watching a DVD of Mad Men season 5. This year I’ve watched all of the seasons. Which is a good example of Scott Lash’s observation that DVD box sets are part of what he calls ‘intensive culture’. … Continue reading

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Space, connected objects and RFID tags

I spent yesterday going back through some of the work on RFID tags. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identity. Above is an image that matches with the often used comparative, that they are around the size of a grain of … Continue reading

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Nigel Thrift and Peter Sloterdijk

A post over at Progressive Geographies about an event involving Nigel Thrift in Conversation with Peter Sloterdijk. Should be lively. I suspect a big chunk of the discussion will be about the spheres trilogy, here’s my review of spheres part … Continue reading

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