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Britpop at the BBC

To celebrate to 20th anniversary of the Britpop music scene, the BBC have various programmes and other features. These are all described, with links to podcasts, on the Britpop at the BBC site. It is taking place all week, but … Continue reading

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Youth Subcultures: What are they now?

There is a really interesting piece on youth subcultures by Alexis Petridis in The Guardian. He attempts to think through the forms that subcultures take today, using examples and some reflections from sociologists. The piece raises some questions about the … Continue reading

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Punk Sociology playlist on Spotify

The preface to my Punk Sociology book contains a playlist that can be listened to whilst reading chapter 2 of the book. The playlist is intended to help orientate the discussion for those who are not familiar with punk music and … Continue reading

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Thinking Allowed on why music matters

I posted previously to a podcast featuring Les Back talking about the politics of music. In that podcast Les spoke about David Hesmondhalgh’s new book Why Music Matters?. A recent episode of Thinking Allowed featured David talking about his book … Continue reading

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The precarious double life of the recording engineer…published online first

My article ‘The precarious double life of the recording engineer‘ has been published on the online first (or latest articles) section of the Journal for Cultural Research. It will be published in the actual journal in early 2014. The piece … Continue reading

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More music visualisations

Some really good visualisations of music styles/genres here. This use of new types of visualisation to depict music taste really does transform how music is understood (there is a little more about this in this article).

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Is music still culturally significant?

In a recent interview with the NME Bobby Gillespie, the long-time singer in the just about evergreen band Primal Scream, said this: “I don’t think a rock’n’roll record is gonna cause any huge social upheavals. I don’t think that’s on … Continue reading

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