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Publishing and the problems of sharing: open access and music cultures

Stuart Elden has just posted a couple of short pieces that both reflect on the problems of free downloading in publishing. The first uses music downloading as a starting point, and the second responds to some criticisms of a specific … Continue reading

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Open access and publishing…continuing the debate

There was a really lively debate section published recently in the journal Political Geography, its about the politics of publishing. It was edited by Phil Steinberg, and here is some information about it on his blog. The debate is being … Continue reading

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John Lydon on iPods and vinyl records

A video and some excerpts here of an interview with John Lydon. He’s talking about people using iPods to escape into ‘their own little universe’. I’m just trying to write a chapter on this for my book. He claims that … Continue reading

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Music cultures on display

The music listening site Last.fm have released an annual review that provides visuals and stats about various aspects of music trends during the year. It is really revealing to see what can be extracted from data like this. I’m going … Continue reading

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