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Writing for Social Scientists by Howard Becker

I’ve posted before about how I like to read about writing, particularly when I’m spending dedicated time writing something. Last week I was talking to my colleague Anne Akeroyd about Howard Becker, she kindly gave me an old copy of … Continue reading

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An interview with Howard Becker

Figure/Ground have an interview with Howard Becker. He’s as lively and provocative as usual. Here’s a nice excerpt: I still think of myself as some kind of scientist, so the answer to that is that it’s an empirical question and … Continue reading

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Goldsmiths podcast archive

I just came across a great resource at Goldsmiths. It’s an archive of podcasts from various events. There is some really interesting stuff here already and it looks like they are building up. Given the range if interesting events they … Continue reading

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Reading about writing

After writing an article and revising another (and doing admissions for my department), I’ve returned to writing the book I started in April. I’ve been trying to write in the morning and do teaching and admin in the afternoons. To … Continue reading

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