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Will Self on Mark Kermode…and on the future of literature/film reviewing and criticism

Will Self has reviewed Mark Kermode’s recent book Hatchet Job. He uses his review of this book on film criticism to open up some questions about the future of cultural criticism. The problem being that the changing medium makes the … Continue reading

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The Internet of things (a short film)

The notion of the ‘Internet of things’ has been kicking around for a while. Effectively it is used to describe the increasingly connected form the objects and spaces now take. As a result of objects being more networked into spaces, … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fraser on Urban Cultural Studies

Over at Urban Cultural Studies there is a post linking to a video of Benjamin Fraser talking about the move ‘towards urban cultural studies‘. Ben is also the editor of the new Journal of Urban Cultural Studies which I’ve mentioned … Continue reading

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A film about sociology at York

Over the summer I’ve been working with a local film company to make a film about the sociology department here at York. The film is now on YouTube, here’s a link.

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Urban knowledge through popular culture

I meant to post this a while ago. Here is a special issue of the Lo Squaderno journal (open access) on urban knowledge. The above is the cover that includes one of the photos used throughout the issue. My article … Continue reading

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Urban cultural studies blog

I came across this blog on Urban Cultural Studies a little while ago. It’s lively and there are lots of posts on the relations between culture and cities. It also looks like it is linked to a new journal with … Continue reading

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Zizek riffing and bluffing

Just came across this in an old interview with Zizek: He opens a copy of Living in the End Times, and finds the contents page. “I will tell you the truth now,” he says, pointing to the first chapter, then … Continue reading

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Slow cinema

There is an article about slow cinema in The Guardian. It starts with reference to Andrei Tarkovsky, who was famous for taking very long shots that sometimes last several minutes. I remember one shot from his film Stalker (1979) that … Continue reading

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