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A new web resource from Theory, Culture & Society

The journal Theory, Culture & Society have just launched a new web resource. As well as links to the journal issues and special issues, it also contains links to the TCS book series and the Body & Society journal. This … Continue reading

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New Live Sociology site

Goldsmiths sociology have launched a new ‘Live Sociology‘ web resource. It is still in its beta stages, so it is under development, but it already has links to lots of resources. The idea seems to be to provide a single … Continue reading

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Digital Scholarship Blog

Nick Pearce has an interesting blog on Digital Scholarship. It contains posts about the ways in which digital technologies are changing higher education practice. For example, here is a post about sociology and software that briefly discusses coding skills and … Continue reading

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An interview about this blog

Yesterday I did two interviews with Mark Carrigan, he’s now posted the audio files on his blog. The first interview was for his digital sociologist series. The discussion focused upon this blog, the practice of blogging and how it fits … Continue reading

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Mark Carrigan on academic blogging

Following on from my previous post, Mark Carrigan offers some thoughtful reflections on academic blogging. He raises lots of issues here. The piece explores (and defends) the relative value of academic blogging and how it might fit into academic work. … Continue reading

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The social lives of digital-data objects blog

There is a new blog being used for collaboration between a group of researchers working in the area of ‘The social life of digital-data objects‘. It’s being coordinated by Evelyn Ruppert. Here is some information about the site, and here … Continue reading

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Thinking culture annual report and most visited posts

WordPress provide the blogs they host with an annual report. They are quite detailed, but they are based on the detailed stats pages that are available. I’ve explored the stats for thinking culture quite a bit this year anyway. But … Continue reading

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