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Collecting Simmel’s Thoughts

My piece Collecting Simmel’s Thoughts: Fragmentation, Consistency, Unity has been published in Berfrois. It’s a review piece that reflects upon Henry Schermer and David Jary’s recently published book Form and Dialectic in Georg Simmel’s Sociology: A New Perspective. As well … Continue reading

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Nicholas Rombes on Lou Reed

Nicholas Rombes has written a piece on Lou Reed’s music for Berfrois.

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The New Circulations of Culture

My short article ‘The New Circulations of Culture’ has just been published in Berfrois. It’s a piece about the way that data circulations and new media infrastrcutures are reconfiguring culture (based upon my recent book).

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Sloterdijk’s Moment: my review of Peter Sloterdijk’s Bubbles

My review of Peter Sloterdijk’s recently translated book Bubbles has just been published in Berfrois. The book is the first to be translated from his spheres trilogy. Here’s a link to the article, which I’ve called ‘Sloterdijk’s Moment‘.

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The chaos of music genres

My piece ‘The Chaos of Music Genres’ has just been published by Berfrois. Here’s a link.

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