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The mix tape and digital culture

Kieran Fenby-Hulse has posted a really interesting and detailed set post on ‘Recreating the mixtape experience: Emotional attachment and digital music platforms‘ on his blog. The piece focuses in the different references to the old mixtape in digital music platforms. … Continue reading

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Digital memory and the archive by Wolfgang Ernst

A new translation of Wolfgang Ernst’s work has just been published. It’s titled Digital Memory and the Archive. It’s edited and introduced by Jussi Parikka. Jussi has posted about the book on his machinology blog. I’ve posted some materials before … Continue reading

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Twitter offers users download with all their Tweets in a single file

An interesting development in how Twitter is archived. Users can now access a complete archive of their own Tweets. This could have an impact on how Twitter is used. This will make it less ephemeral. This new archiving could also … Continue reading

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Goldsmiths podcast archive

I just came across a great resource at Goldsmiths. It’s an archive of podcasts from various events. There is some really interesting stuff here already and it looks like they are building up. Given the range if interesting events they … Continue reading

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