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A return to ‘Can academics manage without Twitter?’

A couple of months ago I posted a short blog entry under the heading ‘Can academics manage without Twitter?’. It was only a short post, of around 400 words, but it attracted attention in a way that I’ve not experienced … Continue reading

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An article on the value of Twitter

Following on from the last couple of posts on the subject of joining Twitter, which I’m hoping to write a more substantial post soon, here is an article offering some reflections on the value of Twitter for academics. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Can academics manage without Twitter?

Following David Hill’s post about joining Twitter, I’ve been thinking again about joining Twitter. A few months I posted about Twitter. In that post I spoke about my concerns of constant connection and the work it seemed to require, amongst … Continue reading

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Academics on Twitter and reflecting back on Web 2.0

Sogiologicalimagination.org have some advice for academics using Twitter. Maybe some of these points apply more generally to Twitter use. I have to admit that I’ve never started up a Twitter account. I’ve observed what’s been going on on there for … Continue reading

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