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Mapping football data

Flowing Data link in to a visualisation of football data that shows the areas on the pitch where goal assists were made. The visual is not that surprising, but it does suggest the widespread harvesting and use of data in … Continue reading

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A discount flyer for my book Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of Circulation

    I’ve posted previously about the recent publication of my book Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of Circulation. The publishers, Palgrave Macmillan, are providing a discount on the book for a short period of time. The discount … Continue reading

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Football and numbers

I’ve posted before about the use of statistics in football. The Numbers Game: Why everything you know about football is wrong by Chris Anderson and David Sally has now been published by Viking. This looks to be a detailed account … Continue reading

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Football management games

David Hill has posted some interesting reflections on football management games (and specifically the new version of championship manager which is now called football manager) on his Schizomedia blog. David points toward the amount of labour that is required to … Continue reading

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The newly launched American Journal of Cultural Sociology

The American Journal of Cultural Sociology has just been launched. Here is a link to the publishers site for the journal. It’s going to be edited by Jeffrey Alexander, Ronald Jacobs and Philip Smith. There’s also some further information on … Continue reading

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Football and capitalism

David Conn, who has written a history of Manchester City, has a piece about football and money in the LRB. The piece describes how the sport has been transformed as it has become increasingly commercially orientated and as the forces … Continue reading

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Measuring buzz around events: England at euro 2012

An Interesting article in The Guardian about social media analysts monitoring online reactions to the progress of the England Football team. There is stuff in here about the analysis of the sentiment of online content.

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