Flip-Flop: A Journey Through Globalisation’s Backroads


Caroline Knowles’ new book Flip-Flop: A Journey Through Globalisation’s Backroads is soon to be published by Pluto Books. I’ve used one of Caroline’s articles on this topic to explore the relations between fashion and globalisation. The book looks like it expands on this earlier work and provides an important and novel approach for understanding globalisation processes. The publishers site is here. And here is the blurb:

This book follows the global trail of one of the world’s most unremarkable and ubiquitous objects – flip-flops. Through this unique lens, Caroline Knowles takes a ground level view of the lives and places of globalisation’s back roads, providing new insights that challenge contemporary accounts of globalisation.

Rather than orderly product chains, the book shows that globalisation along the flip-flop trail is a tangle of unstable, shifting, ad hoc and contingent connections. This book displays both the instabilities of the ‘chains’ and the complexities, personal topographies and skills with which people navigate these global uncertainties.

Navigating the Flip-Flop Trail provides new ways of thinking about globalisation from the vantage point of the shifting landscape crossed by a seemingly ordinary and everyday commodity.

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