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A series of exchanges on participation in culture, media and politics

The International Journal of Communication (which is a free open access journal) is using its forum section to publish a series if exchanges on the topic of participation. The introductory exchange between Nick Couldry and Henry Jenkins introduces the idea … Continue reading

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Les Back on the PhD Viva

One of my favourite books is Les Back’s open access Academic Diary. I’ve posted some links to it before. Les’ book is a collection of short pieces about various aspects of academic life. This week I examined a PhD thesis, … Continue reading

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Youth Subcultures: What are they now?

There is a really interesting piece on youth subcultures by Alexis Petridis in The Guardian. He attempts to think through the forms that subcultures take today, using examples and some reflections from sociologists. The piece raises some questions about the … Continue reading

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My current reading, writing and the ebb/flow of the academic year

Over the last three or four weeks I’ve not really posted very much on here about my research. This is largely because of the ebb and flow of the academic year. The end of the second term is always a … Continue reading

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Florence Chiew on posthumanism

Florence Chiew talks about her recent TCS article on posthumanism in this video abstract. Most articles in Theory, Culture & Society are now accompanied by a video abstract or some other additional materials on the TCS site. I’ve posted a … Continue reading

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Visualisations of TV Show ratings

I found this interesting application through Flowing Data. You can search for TV shows to produce visualisations of IMDB ratings and viewing trends over time. It can mainly be used to explore the response to TV shows across series. It’s … Continue reading

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Nick Couldry’s review essay on the convergence of cultural studies and sociology

The International Journal of Communication have just published a review essay by Nick Couldry on ‘Structures of Ambivalence: The Converging Horizons of Cultural Studies and Sociology‘ (it’s open access). Nick’s review responds to four books that explore this convergence – … Continue reading

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