Social Science Research Questions & Methodological Challenges in the 21st Century


The University of Sheffield are hosting a seminar series over the coming months on the topic of ‘Social Science Research Questions and Methodological Challenges in the 21st Century’. The seminars will take place in the ICOSS building and are being organised by Bridgette Wessels. The seminar series has a site and blog which is available here. The call for papers is now available through the site along with details for each of the five events. It looks like it could be a really lively series.

I’m going to be speaking at the fifth event which is a round table with 4 invited speakers. We are going to be reflecting back on the key themes from the seminar series. The invitation mentioned Punk Sociology, so I may talk a little about that in relation to the themes and questions that come up, but it’s likely to be more of a case of responding to the ideas that have emerged from the event.

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