Les Back on the politics of music

Les Back has continued his series of audio podcasts from his research sabbatical with two posts on the politics of music (the full series of Les’ postcards from his sabbatical podcasts is available here).

The first podcast discusses Les’ attempts to write chapter on the politics of music, in this he discusses some recent work in this area. He focuses upon David Hesmondhalgh’s interesting looking new book Why Music Matters. Les offers some of his own reflections on the social and cultural importance of music, and links David’s book into some other literature in this area. Les also kindly discusses my Punk Sociology book in this podcast, I particularly liked his description of the book as being a bit like listening to a single by The Clash. Its really good of Les to have taken the time to read the book and to respond to it in this way. I’ve posted before about Les’ endorsement of the book for the back cover, he tells the story in this podcast.

Asian Dub Foundation,Naxalite/Culture Move EP,UK,Deleted,5

Les’ second podcast on the politics of music focuses upon an interview with Richard Robinson who is a teacher and cultural activist. They talk about a specific music project that Richard put together and which was used for anti-racist education. In the podcast Richard and Les talk about the involvement of Asian Dub Foundation. Asian Dub Foundation were one of my favourite bands in the late 1990s. I particularly liked the song Naxalite , which still sounds really fresh today.

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3 Responses to Les Back on the politics of music

  1. soa04lb says:

    Thanks, Dave. Pandit G. has given me a quote for the piece you asked for on Junior Murvin. Such a great bloke – he managed to put into words I’ve been struggling to name. The piece is coming on should finish it before the Mince pies!

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