Punk Sociology…chapter 1 is now open access

Chapter 1 of my forthcoming book Punk Sociology is now available open access. The chapter (and book’s contents page) is available here and the publisher site is here. This chapter is probably the most conventional bit of the book, in that it is written in a tone that is more in keeping with academic work. I used this chapter to set the scene, in terms of the disciplinary and academic context in which sociology is operating, the punk approach then develops in the chapters that follow it. This chapter does give a sense of the direction of the book though and it highlights the problems and challenges that the book aims to address (some of which I also outline in stronger terms in the preface, which is not yet available). It looks like the full book will be available soon. The publication date is the 6th of January, but as soon as the Palgrave Connect eBook is available I’ll post a link to it.

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