Editing the Theory, Culture & Society open site


I’ve posted previously about Theory, Culture & Society‘s new open site. Recently I’ve taken on the role of co-editor of the site. It’s a really exciting opportunity and I’m really pleased to be taking it on. The role is still in development, we’ve had a couple of editorial meetings and we are shaping the site and working out what type of content to develop. My role will be to find and commission content.

The site has already published quite a few video abstracts and various other things. We are hoping to build up the content over the coming months. The site will contain information about the journal and the TCS book series, but it will also be used for other types of content. The aim is to use it as a kind of supplement for the journal, it will become a space for dialogue and reflection. It will also be used to develop and try out ideas, or to expand upon themes from the journal. We will have interviews and responses and a diverse range of other materials (these will be visual and audio as well as text based). We are hoping to turn it into a vibrant space that will also become an archival resource for research, teaching and scholarship in the broad fields covered by the journal.

I’ve spent some time over the last couple of days beginning to commission and put together content. I’m putting together an e-special for the site (a collection of pieces from the TCS archive with a short introduction) on the topic of ‘Fiction and Social Theory’. Alongside this I’ve also been commissioning some pieces on urban theory, neoliberalism, music and I’m hoping to see if I can get some pieces on gender and theory over the next couple of weeks. I’ll post more about the specifics as these develop, and I’ll also link to things that appear on the TCS site.

You can also follow TCS on Twitter @TCSjournalSAGE .

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8 Responses to Editing the Theory, Culture & Society open site

  1. Roger Burrows says:

    Dave, we must make sure TCS becomes more diverse in its concerns and contributors. With the move to Goldsmiths we have a great chance to draw upon colleagues committed to doing social and cultural theory very differently. But great to have you involved. Roger

  2. stuartelden says:

    Reblogged this on Progressive Geographies and commented:
    David Beer on plans for the TCS open site.

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