Punk Sociology…cover, pre-orders, publisher’s site and an endorsement


My Punk Sociology book has a cover and is now available for pre-orders (for those who are interested the information on this is below). The process is moving at lightning speed. The book is due for publication on 7th January. These Palgrave Pivot books are published within 12 weeks of acceptance. They have a streamlined copy-editing and proofing process. So, the book will be out soon. I was absolutely delighted to get an endorsement from Les Back:

“Punk Sociology counts off a passionate and thoughtful call to re-animate the sociological imagination. Dave Beer’s book inspires, provokes and entertains – nevermind the bollocks here is sociology’s future.” Les Back, Professor of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

I was really pleased with this. Les’ use of the word ‘bollocks’ caused a bit of a stir with the publishers, but we resolved this – I pointed them to the 1976 Sex Pistols court case. So the quote will be available in full on the website and on the book. Thanks go to my excellent editor, Andrew James at Palgrave, who supported me with this and was really enthusiastic about the project from the outset.

The blurb for the book reads as follows:

This book explores the possibility of drawing upon a punk ethos to inspire sociology and to cultivate a vibrant future for the discipline. Aiming to fire the sociological imaginations of sociologists at any stage of their careers, from new students to established professors, it uses punk to think creatively about what sociology is and how it might be conducted. Following a succinct outline of the disciplinary and social challenges that sociology faces today, the book then applies the punk ethos to sociological knowledge, communication and terrain. The concept of punk sociology is developed through a series of riffs, each of which directly applies key features of the punk ethos to sociology.

Punk Sociology encourages sociologists to avoid the temptation to play it safe. Instead it calls for us to be bold, open, inventive, and to produce raw, stripped back and fearless work that adheres to a do-it-yourself ethic.

The book is available in three forms. The focus with Palgrave Pivots is upon eBooks (the print on demand hardback is a bit expensive). Probably the easiest (and most affordable) way to get hold of it is to get a library to order an ebook. I’ve tried out the Palgrave Connect platform and its really good. You can just use your library log-in and access the book in the same way as journal articles (from any device). The details for this and about the book are on the publisher’s site, which is here. The book is also available as a kindle or a hardback. I’ve ordered a discount voucher for the hardback, which I will post on here when I get it, but that is only for 20%. I think it’s also possible to advance order review copies (contact details here).

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