How to start a DIY music scene in your own town


Later today I’ll be giving a lecture on music scenes (as part of my 2nd year module, details about which can be found here). The lecture looks back historically at the formation of scenes using Nick Crossley’s social network analysis of the punk scene and the Manchester post-punk scene. We also use Bennett and Peterson’s book on music scenes, amongst other materials. As well as focusing upon the intersection of individual biographies with wider cultural transformations, the lecture also looks at how music (and other cultural scenes) emerge. When doing a bit of research I came across this short blog post on ‘How to start a DIY music scene in your own town‘. It gives a bit of an insider perspective on the use of venues, bookings, media etc in attempting to make connections and cultivate a scene. I’ll probably try to use this in the lecture, particularly as we talk about the change nature of cultural movements and scenes – which us a topic we return to in the second term when we look more closely at social media and popular cultural scenes.

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