Research on the city of York

Some of my colleagues in CURB, including the directors Rowland Atkinson and Simon Parker, have been working on a project on what they call the York School. This was set up to investigate research into the city of York. They have gathered together a range of historical studies to do this. CURB, which us a centre for urban research, was set up to focus on margins and peripheries – the types of places where most people live. This project uses York as an interesting example that has been studies fairly frequently over the years. They have recently published their first report on the project, ‘York School Report 1: A Comprehensive Review of Social Research in and on the City of York’, which is available here. They have also produced an archive of the key studies of York, which us available here. These will probably be of interest to anyone with interests in social change, urban development, urban history and housing.

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