Urban Cultural Studies audio podcasts


The Urban Cultural Studies blog, which is linked to the development of the new Journal of Urban Cultural Studies, is rapidly developing its series of audio podcasts. These are mostly linked to specific articles in the journal (which publishes its first issue towards the end of the year). The podcast page can be found here. So far there are five podcasts that cover a range of issues including the darker side of Hollywood, architecture and the body, painting and everyday urban worlds, gender and mobility, and street art in Barcelona. This is the description of the podcast series:

UCS Podcasts feature conversational interviews with scholars publishing on topics related to Urban Cultural Studies. Clocking in at around 20 minutes each, each interview is inspired by a recent publication in the field–usually an article in a specialist journal. Each interview strives to go beyond the article’s contents to address a general audience interested in urban scholarship. Other podcast formats will be occasionally incorporated to complement the interviews.

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    Urban Cultural Studies using multimedia alongside the forthcoming journal.

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