Trackable football boots…quantifying your football skills


I just discovered that football boots now come with the option of a sensor that gathers data about the wearer. The Adidas miCoach systems gather data about the user so that it can reviewed after they have played. These are available for the PC/Mac and for the iPod/iPhone. The device can be wirelessly connected to your devices. So the data generated can be remotely harvested on your iPhone while you play. This seems like a good example of the increasing traceability and connectivity of bodies, objects and spaces. I discussed data play and the connectivity of my body in my recent book, these seem to converge in this example. It also reminds me of Rob Kitchin and Martin Dodge’s great book on code/space. In this instance the ‘networked logject’, as they call it, has been incorporated in to the sporting body. This is an excerpt of Adidas’ description of the device (there are other similar miCoach devices available in the range):

miCoach SPEED_CELL collects your in-game stats leaving zero doubt who’s fastest on the field, track, or court. Share and compare your stats by wirelessly syncing to your iPod touch or iPhone using the miCoach CONNECT for iPod touch and iPhone.

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