Deborah Lupton on the implications of digital sociology

On her great blog This Sociological Life, Deborah Lupton has offered some reflections on ‘Digital Sociology, Public Sociology, Private Sociology‘. The post responds to a recent event to think about the implications of digital sociology for the broader discipline and for individual sociologists. These questions are likely to escalate as the digital sociology project continues to gather pace. The recent event that Deborah refers to at the beginning of the post seems to have been an important moment, and there is a sense now that sociology needs to get to grips with how it adapts to and analyses questions of digital culture and society. This is a question of adapting to analyse a changing social world, but the questions are also about the way that the practices of sociologists might change. Deborah has been writing a lot about these questions recently, an open access piece providing an overview of her thoughts on digital sociology is available here.

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