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The New Circulations of Culture

My short article ‘The New Circulations of Culture’ has just been published in Berfrois. It’s a piece about the way that data circulations and new media infrastrcutures are reconfiguring culture (based upon my recent book).

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Social media and the circulation of academic knowledge

I was asked to write a blog post on social media and the circulation of academic knowledge for the LSE Impact of Social Sciences Blog. The post has now been published here. The piece looks at the way the social media are … Continue reading

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Mapping football data

Flowing Data link in to a visualisation of football data that shows the areas on the pitch where goal assists were made. The visual is not that surprising, but it does suggest the widespread harvesting and use of data in … Continue reading

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The 50% discount on my book Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of Circulation is now (definitely) live

It turns out that I jumped the gun a bit when I posted about this a couple of weeks ago. But the 50% discount on my book is definitely now live for online (and postal) orders. The book price is … Continue reading

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A comprehensive list of data sources and services

Via Rob Kitchin on Twitter, the Visualising Data blog has an entry that is described as ‘A big collection of sites and services for accessing data‘. The post contains a comprehensive list of the data sources, and analysis tools, that … Continue reading

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‘A murderous attack on Georg Simmel’

I was doing some research for some first year lectures on Georg Simmel and I came across the above letter. I might post about the lectures if I get chance, I tried to use new translations and materials to complement … Continue reading

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Returning to The Wire…is it the answer?

On his blog on the sociological imagination, Jon Rainford has responded to an article I wrote with Rowland Atkinson on the TV show The Wire. The article, which is titled ‘The Ivorine Tower in the City: Engaging Urban Studies after … Continue reading

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Evelyn Ruppert on the economies and ecologies of big data

The Digital Sociology web resource has a video of Evelyn Ruppert talking ion the ‘Economies and Ecologies of Big Data‘. Evelyn is editor of the forthcoming journal Big Data & Society. She discuss the journal a little in the talk. … Continue reading

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David Hill reflects on Jodi Dean’s work and communicative capitalism

On his Schizomedia blog David Hill, who is just in the process of moving to media and communications at Liverpool University, has offered some reflections on Jodi Dean’s recent work and how it relates to his own work developing the … Continue reading

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Deborah Lupton on the implications of digital sociology

On her great blog This Sociological Life, Deborah Lupton has offered some reflections on ‘Digital Sociology, Public Sociology, Private Sociology‘. The post responds to a recent event to think about the implications of digital sociology for the broader discipline and … Continue reading


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