Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of Circulation…has now been published


My new book Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of Circulation has now been published. I’ve just received my copies in the post. The publishers site is here. Here is the blurb:

Popular culture and new media are deeply interwoven, yet they are often thought of as separate spheres. This book explores the material and everyday intersections between popular culture and new media. Using a range of interdisciplinary resources the chapters open up a series of hidden dimensions – including objects and infrastructures, archives, algorithms, data play and the body – that force us to rethink our understanding of culture as it is today. Through an exploration of its intersections with new media, this book reveals the centrality of data circulations in the formation, organization and relations of popular culture. It shows how digital data accumulate as a result of our routine engagements with culture. It then examines the ways that these data fold-back into culture through algorithmic process, through play and through mediated bodily experiences. The book asks how we might conceptualize and understand culture as it continues to be reshaped by these recursive circulations of data.

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8 Responses to Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of Circulation…has now been published

  1. Greg Seigworth says:

    Congrats! I will order a copy for our library. Paperback eventually?

    • Thanks Greg, that’s great. Really appreciate the interest. Not sure about the paperback. The publisher has said that they will look at the possibility in around 18 months. I think it depends on sales. I’m going to try to push for it then. So hoping for good library sales in the first instance. (I’ve also ordered some discount flyers to pass on to interested colleagues).

  2. anacanhoto says:

    Congratulations. Writing it was more like a labour of love or an ordeal? A really interesting topic – would complement our university library very well 🙂

    • Thanks Ana. It was really enjoyable. It was nice to have an open space to explore different types of ideas. So it was actually fun, mostly. And yes, It would be great if a copy or two could find their way in to your library. Thanks for the interest. Much appreciated.

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