Bernard Stiegler?

Bernard Stiegler is not a writer that I know very much about. I’ve noticed though that he seems to be gaining increasing attention. Indeed, he is already moving in to the status of the academic superstar. He is certainly fashionable. I’ve not yet had chance to work through the material by Stiegler in order to see what value might be there. But the need to at least have a grasp of his work is looking increasingly pressing, particularly given that he seems to be driving quite a few debates and conceptual discussions – especially in new media. I’ve found that Sam Kinsley’s blog is a great resource for catching up with Stiegler’s work. Sam has been working on Stiegler’s writings and he has been building up a resource.

Recent posts include two video’s of Stiegler presenting. The first is on his recent contribution to the Unlike Us reader, on the topic of social networking and politics. The second talk is on forms of knowledge in new media. Sam has also provided some other posts on Stiegler’s work. There are some reflections on Stiegler’s most recent book. There are some thoughts on and an excerpt from a recent Stiegler newspaper piece on ‘Belief in Politics. And there are some thoughts on and links to some interviews with Stiegler, most of which focuses on an interview about open data. This is a really helpful resource/short cut for filling in the gaps. I’m not intending to work closely with Stiegler’s writings, but Sam’s blog helps to give a sense of how the debates about his work are developing.

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