An event on Post-Crash Cities: Urban Economies


CURB, the centre for urban research at York, have been running a series of events on the post-crash city. The next event is a three day conference on urban economies. It includes Jamie Peck as a plenary speaker. The details of the event along with booking information can be found here. Here is the description of the event:

A focus on the city as the epicentre of new economies shifted in tandem with the broader move to employment in the financial, creative and service sector economies of many western nations. In countries like the US and UK the roll-out of thinking around economic development attached to these sectors has meant a kind of creative city franchise that has proved not only unsatisfactory, but also ineffective in combating the problems of structural unemployment, educational priority setting and distinctiveness. The predominance of populations in global urban centres returns the question of economic vitality and logics to the centre-stage of debates about social futures, sustainability and human dignity. How are we to understand the role, nature and re-working of urban economies? What models of economic activity, structure and imperatives appear likely to yield more positive and less crisis-prone economies?

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