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Genre, Boundary Drawing and the Classificatory Imagination (and a special issue on Field Analysis and Cultural Sociology)

A special issue on Field Analysis in Cultural Sociology has just been published in the journal Cultural Sociology. It’s been edited by Mike Savage and Elizabeth B. Silva. The issue covers a range of topics from art, to music, to … Continue reading

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Football and numbers

I’ve posted before about the use of statistics in football. The Numbers Game: Why everything you know about football is wrong by Chris Anderson and David Sally has now been published by Viking. This looks to be a detailed account … Continue reading

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Public geography/sociology and social media

The new issue if Dialogues in Human Geography contains a forum on public geography and social media. The articles are currently open access. The section focuses on geography, but the issues discussed relate to broader discussions around public engagement and … Continue reading

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A return to ‘Can academics manage without Twitter?’

A couple of months ago I posted a short blog entry under the heading ‘Can academics manage without Twitter?’. It was only a short post, of around 400 words, but it attracted attention in a way that I’ve not experienced … Continue reading

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An event on Post-Crash Cities: Urban Economies

CURB, the centre for urban research at York, have been running a series of events on the post-crash city. The next event is a three day conference on urban economies. It includes Jamie Peck as a plenary speaker. The details … Continue reading

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Looking for Facebook phrases that have become everyday discourse

My colleague David Hill is trying to put together an article that reflects on Facebook terminology that has become part of everyday discourse. This is a really creative idea. He is trying to build up a glossary of terms that … Continue reading

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The State of Race

My colleague Nisha Kapoor has co-edited a new collection titled The State of Race. It looks great. Here is the brief outline: What can be said of the state of race? Or more specifically what can be said about the … Continue reading

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