Deborah Lupton on blogging (an audio interview)…

Deborah Lupton, who is really taking a lead on digital sociology, has been interviewed by Mark Carrigan for his Digital Sociologists series of podcasts. The interview is available here. This is the forth in the series. The previous contributors were Steve Fuller, Les Back and me. The interviews focus on sociologists use of social media. The questions are usually about the different ways that social media are being used, how this fits into academic practice and research, and the type of value it offers. In the interview with Deborah, she talks about her The Sociological Life blog. She describes the way that blog posts interweave with her other writing. Deborah suggests that the speed of blogging is the big advantage, as are the free open access nature of blogs. She uses her blog to present her research findings in a different form to that offered by her blog.

The digital sociologist series is already showing the variety of uses of social media that sociologists are engaging with. Deborah attempts to write one substantive blog post a month, which she then links into her other forms of writing. The blog writes he writes is a more publicly accessible version that avoids the time lags of more traditional publishing. Apparently she was drawn to blogging when she saw the level of activity around a post she provided for a collaborative blog.

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