Andrew Leyshon’s Work In Progress blog

Andrew Leyshon has a really interesting blog called Work in Progress. To give a sense of the blog’s content, here is a link to a post on economic geography. A few years ago Andrew co-authored this paper on the transformation of the music industry. It was a really forward looking piece that I still recommend to the students on my popular culture module – despite all the changes that have happened since. They were right, the music industry is still looking for a business model that works. On that module I also use Andrew’s article on the ‘software slump‘ which brings his interests in economic geography together with music production. We use it on a session about making pop.

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  1. Thanks for the link: I’ve been doing this blog for a while but, due to other things getting in the way, very infrequently. The technology has come on a long way so will try and do more in future. Glad you like the music industry work …

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