Switching to research and marking

Due to the pressures on my time – from teaching and from my admin job as admissions tutor – I’ve been a little bit limited in the type of content I’ve been able to put in this blog over the last few weeks. I’ve been mostly responding to things I’ve seen and adding links to interesting materials. I’m hoping now that I’ll be able to also go back to more frequently adding posts that link into the things I’m reading and writing about (alongside the other materials I add). I’ve written before here about switching modes during the academic year. The shift will now be towards a combination of research and marking for the coming weeks.

This is not a massive switch, I always try to keep the writing ticking over if I can. This term I focused on two short articles (which I posted about here and here). And I’ve also still got admissions to work on. But I’m going to try to get some new writing projects moving. These are the things I’ll try to post on. I seem to have ended up with 3 or 4 ideas that relate to the broader project of re-imagining sociology, how we communicate sociology and the organisations in which it is performed (the university). So I’ll probably be reading and posting in this area – with possible edited work in algorithms and Walter Benjamin. But I’m not exactly sure yet how these will develop, or which will end up at the top of my to-do list. But these are the topics to expect more posts on. I’m going to start with Peter Sloterdijk’s book on The Art of Philosophy:


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