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Music and urban geography

At the moment I’m working on a piece that responds to Adam Krims’ book Music and Urban Geography. It will hopefully appear in an early issue of the exciting new Journal of Urban Cultural Studies. I’ve been asked to write … Continue reading

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US music charts to include YouTube plays

The famous US based music chart the Billboard Top 100 has announced that it will now incorporate YouTube plays into its chart calculations. Here is a story in the NME about the change. The charts currently include physical and download … Continue reading

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Revisiting the classics: William Mitchell’s Me++

The third review of William Mitchell’s Me++ has now been published on the online first section at Information, Communication & Society. It’s a really lively review by Sam Kinsley. This is a new section I’ve developed that provides reviews of … Continue reading

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Reading…how much and what type?

I just came across this exchange in response to a post on Progressive Geographies that contained an image of ‘books received‘: Openmedi: Your books received posts always make me think of how much one in a field such as yours … Continue reading

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Two new interviews on figure/ground…

In their revealing series of interviews, that combine discussions of the behind the scenes aspects of university life with questions about research ideas, Figure/Ground have posted two new interviews covering cultural matters. The first is with Lisa Guenther, whose work … Continue reading

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Ears have walls by Rowland Atkinson

Just over a year ago Rowland Atkinson published the article Ears Have Walls in the open access journal Aether. The piece engages with issues around urban sound and noise. Rowland has included some great images. It sits alongside his other … Continue reading

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Digital Methods as Mainstream Methodology event

The third event in the Digital Methods as Mainstream Methods seminar series will take place in Manchester on the 15th of March. Here are the details about the event. The seminar series has its own blog. I’m going to be … Continue reading

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