Where are all the sociology blogs? Asks Deborah Lupton

On her great blog, Deborah Lupton asks ‘Where are all the sociology blogs?’. The post was a little while ago, so things might have changed a bit. But Deborah identifies a few examples. There are also quite a few responses to the post. I still think Deborah has a point, there aren’t many sociology blogs. There are quite a few in geography. Plus three or four of the geography journals have blogs that they use for additional materials. I don’t think any sociology journals do that yet. But sites like Sociologicalimagination.org, which is a great resource, are starting to emerge.

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4 Responses to Where are all the sociology blogs? Asks Deborah Lupton

  1. stuartelden says:

    Reblogged this on Progressive Geographies and commented:
    David Beer discusses the seeming lack of sociology blogs, and the contrast with geography. Interesting – not sure that there are that many in geography, and of other areas I am interested in, political theory seems to have relatively fewcompared to philosophy. What are we missing?

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  3. Hi. Mine is a recently created Sociology blog. As a teacher of A Level Sociology I’m trying to create a one stop shop (of sorts) for my students and of course, anyone else interested in sociology. http://www.brianrobertssociology.wordpress.com
    I’m always looking to improve / develop the site so feel free to have a look and make any constructive suggestions if you have any

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