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Generational Use of New Media reviewed by Franka Winter

Franka Winter reviews the edited collection Generational Use of New Media for Information, Communication & Society.

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Rethinking the sociological craft, another interview with Les Back

Following up on my previous post, I just cam across another interview with Les Back on Mark Carrigan’s site. This time marks is talking to Les about the future of sociology. Les raises a number of really interesting and provocative … Continue reading

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An interview with Howard Becker

Figure/Ground have an interview with Howard Becker. He’s as lively and provocative as usual. Here’s a nice excerpt: I still think of myself as some kind of scientist, so the answer to that is that it’s an empirical question and … Continue reading

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Mark Carrigan on academic blogging

Following on from my previous post, Mark Carrigan offers some thoughtful reflections on academic blogging. He raises lots of issues here. The piece explores (and defends) the relative value of academic blogging and how it might fit into academic work. … Continue reading


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Mark Carrigan interviews Les Back about his academic diary book

One of my favourite publications of recent years is Les Back’s Academic Diary. It’s an online open access book that contains lots of short pieces on various aspects of academic life. It contains some lively sociological insights into the practices, … Continue reading

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Sarah Kember talking about intelligent machines

The Goldsmiths podcast resource has a series of talks by Sarah Kember on the topic of new media. Here is a link to the lecture on intelligent machines. Sarah also has a detailed website about her work.

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The Late Walter Benjamin by John Schad

I’ve just started reading this. It’s a novel in which a London council estate resident in the 1960s thinks he’s Walter Benjamin. What a great idea.

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A description of my forthcoming book…

I managed to submit my book to the publishers on Monday. The title of the book is going to be Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of Circulation – I posted before about the selection of the title. I … Continue reading

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Politicised literary geographies audio recordings

The audio recordings of a recent event on Politicised Literary Geographies are now available. There are some really interesting uses of fictional resources here, these are used in imaginative ways to open a range of political questions and issues. This … Continue reading

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Three more open access pieces added: social networking sites, Web 2.0 and the end of Top of the Pops

I’ve just added links to open access versions of three of my articles to the open access materials section of this blog. These are all quite old but they all made early interventions into developments that became known as social … Continue reading

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