Rethinking the sociological craft, another interview with Les Back

Following up on my previous post, I just cam across another interview with Les Back on Mark Carrigan’s site. This time marks is talking to Les about the future of sociology. Les raises a number of really interesting and provocative points. He talks in some detail about the craft if sociology and the possibilities we now have for doing and communicating sociological ideas. Beyond this he suggests that any understanding of the social needs to incorporate an understanding of the digital. But my favourite moment comes towards the end if the interview when he says that there is no real future for a ‘timid’ or ‘conservative’ sociology. I couldn’t agree more. Great to hear this being put so explicitly. It’s really worth listening to this in order to get a sense of Les’ position. This can be listened to alongside Les and Nick Gane’s recent article on the craft and promise of sociology.

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