Mark Carrigan interviews Les Back about his academic diary book

One of my favourite publications of recent years is Les Back’s Academic Diary. It’s an online open access book that contains lots of short pieces on various aspects of academic life. It contains some lively sociological insights into the practices, experiences and demands of academic life. I found a real sense of solidarity in its pages as I discovered shared experiences. I also found that Les provides some new perspectives on what often feel like ordinary or routine parts of being an academic. It also plays with the book form, in terms of its content and in terms of the form it takes. So I highly recommend it. The reason for this post is that Mark Carrigan, who is doing lots of creative media based sociology, has interviewed Les about his Academic Diary. The interview, which can be found here, discusses the process, the idea and its delivery. I suppose that anyone who is interested in alternative forms of publication will find lots of interest here.

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