A description of my forthcoming book…

I managed to submit my book to the publishers on Monday. The title of the book is going to be Popular Culture and New Media: The Politics of Circulation – I posted before about the selection of the title. I had to complete some marketing materials on Tuesday. This included the tricky job of producing a 150 word description of the book for the back cover (and presumably for Amazon etc). Here is the description I came up with:

Popular culture and new media are deeply interwoven, yet they are often thought of as separate spheres. This book explores the material and everyday intersections between popular culture and new media. Using a range of interdisciplinary resources the chapters open-up a series of hidden dimensions – including objects and infrastructures, archives, algorithms, data play and the body – that force us to rethink our understanding of culture as it is today. Through an exploration of its intersections with new media, this book reveals the centrality of data circulations in the formation, organization and relations of popular culture. It shows how digital data accumulate as a result of our routine engagements with culture. It then examines the ways that these data fold-back into culture through algorithmic process, through play and through mediated bodily experiences. The book asks how we might conceptualize and understand culture as it continues to be reshaped by these recursive circulations of data.

I’ll post some more information about the book once I know more about the publication dates etc, and when it’s available to order.

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5 Responses to A description of my forthcoming book…

  1. Greg Seigworth says:

    Looking forward to this! Out in time for Fall semester classes?

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