Three more open access pieces added: social networking sites, Web 2.0 and the end of Top of the Pops

I’ve just added links to open access versions of three of my articles to the open access materials section of this blog. These are all quite old but they all made early interventions into developments that became known as social media.

Beer, D. (2008) ‘Social Network(ing) sites…revisiting the story so far: a response to danah boyd and Nicole Ellison’, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 13(2): 516-529.

Beer, D. & Burrows, R. (2007) ‘Sociology and, of and in Web 2.0: some initial considerations’, Sociological Research Online 12(5).

Beer, D. (2006) ‘The pop-pickers have picked decentralised media: the fall of Top of the Pops and the rise of the second media age’, Sociological Research Online 11(3).

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