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What is digital sociology?

Noortje Marres has posted an interesting piece on the question ‘What is digital sociology?’ at the CSISP blog. Noortje draws in her experiences of running the MA in digital sociology and also on the various cutting-edge bits of research she … Continue reading

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Roger Burrows on studying the super-rich

My colleague and collaborator Roger Burrows, who is now at Goldsmiths, has a post on the LSE blog that describes his forthcoming project exploring the lives of the super-rich. The project team includes my colleague Rowland Atkinson. They are exploring … Continue reading

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The Internet of things (a short film)

The notion of the ‘Internet of things’ has been kicking around for a while. Effectively it is used to describe the increasingly connected form the objects and spaces now take. As a result of objects being more networked into spaces, … Continue reading

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Amazon’s AutoRip

There is an article in the Guardian online about Amazon’s AutoRip feature. It raises a series of questions about the use of data that is captured about our music listening and how this may shape consumer activity. It also raises … Continue reading

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Audio of Stuart Elden’s talk on Shakespearean Colonial Territories

A couple of weeks ago Stuart Elden visited my department to give a really creative and engaging presentation that used Shakespeare to think about various issues relating to territory. This particular presentation was on Shakespearean Colonial Territories. There is now … Continue reading

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Digital sociology online resources

Goldsmiths are now running a really exciting programme on digital sociology. It’s run by Noortje Marres. They’ve been posting some resources. They’ve just added a page with online resources for digital sociology. There’s some interesting stuff here already, including talks … Continue reading

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An event on Neoliberalism, Crisis and World Systems

My colleague Nick Gane has been organising an event on Neoliberalism, Crisis and World Systems as a part of his current British Academy Fellowship. The details of the event are now available here. He’s managed to attract a great list … Continue reading

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