Twitter offers users download with all their Tweets in a single file

An interesting development in how Twitter is archived. Users can now access a complete archive of their own Tweets. This could have an impact on how Twitter is used. This will make it less ephemeral. This new archiving could also raise questions about memory, particularly as this archive of personal Tweets will be searchable by where and when the content was posted (here is a previous post about archiving in popular culture). I suspect it’ll only be a short while before social scientists will be exploring ways to use these downloads. Here is the article in The Guardian and here are the first few lines:

Twitter is offering its 500 million users a download containing the entire archive of their tweets – including data such as where, when and with what they tweeted.

The chance to grab an archive of your own tweets was formally announced on Twitter’s blog, though it has been rolling out to users for the past few days.

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