Graham Scambler on getting published in sociology

I just came across this really interesting post by Graham Scambler about getting published in sociology. Graham offers various tips about getting published but he sets this within the broader changing university context. Graham uses some biographical details to flesh out these changes. The tips are practical but the description of how academic life has changed places the need for these tips into the types of pressures that academics now experience. The discussion of ambition is interesting. I also thought that the different value that different audience might place on different aspects of the CV was important. As Graham puts it:

Sennett has written perspicaciously of our need to be proactive in an era (say, post-1970s) of compelling uncertainty and unpredictability. This applies to cv construction too. Goal posts keep moving in academia: rational decision-making can be one’s undoing. At any rate building a cv must now be a reflexive process of positioning. I have always been constrained by a need to keep line-managers in medical schools off my back (one idiot told me to bring in a small grant of around £1m and to publish in ‘Nature’). Books and chapters count for nothing in this environment, and theoretical or qualitative research papers for little more. As a visiting professor in a sociology department in the USA, however, it was my books that impressed. The balance of your cv should anticipate the audiences, often more than one, that you will need to impress to realize your personal ambitions.

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